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agricultural and horticultural

ICI Plant Protection - Garden, and Agricultural Products Divisions



Compassion in World Farming* - Donation Promotion

Captive Animals’ Protection Society

Federation For The Wild



ICI* Dulux Paint – Domestic & Trade

Tetrosyl - Tetrion Fillers



Allied Breweries - Media Consumption Research

Bass Limited* - Hemeling Lite, Lamot Pilsnor , Tennents Lager, Worthington Best Bitter

H.P. Bulmer - Agency Media Co-ordination

Hiram Walker - Canadian Club Whiskey

Dent & Russe Limited - Hine Brandy, Noilly Pratt, Pol Roger Champagne

Vaux Breweries - Draught & Bottled Products



Cable Crouch Productions - Binder Vision

Littlewoods Pools

Granada Television Rental*

South Pacific Television* - Advertising Sales Promotion

Leisure Time Video*

RCA Records*


financial services

Abbey Life Assurance Company Limited

Abbey National plc

Aberdeen Fund Managers Limited

Aetna International*

AIB Unit Trust Managers Limited

Alexander Proudfoot

American Express Bank Limited*

American Life Insurance Company (UK) Limited*

Argosy Asset Management (Ensign Trust) plc)*

Bank of Bermuda (Guernsey) Limited

Bank IPPA Associates*

Bank of Ireland*

Bank of Ireland Fund Managers Limited

Bank of Ireland Home Mortgages Limited*

Bank of Ireland Unit Managers Limited

Bank of New York Co Inc*

Black Horse Financial Services Group Limited

Bradford & Bingley Building Society

Britannia Life Investment Managers

Britannia Life Limited

British Thornton Holdings

Burrage UT Management Limited

Butterfield Fund Managers (Gsy) Ltd

Canada Life Assurance Company

CCLA Investment Management Limited

C E Heath plc


Citicorp Banking Corporation*

fCiticorp NA*

Civas Limited*

Confederation Life Insurance Company

Cornhill Insurance Group

Den Norske Bank*

Development Capital Corporation Limited*

Eagle Star Insurance Company Limited*


financial (cont.)

Edinburgh Fund Managers plc

Fleming Group (Jersey)*

The Foresters

Guinness Flight Investment Trust Managers

Guinness Mahon Investment Management Limited

Hambro Assured Services Limited

Hiscox Underwriting Limited

Intermediate Capital Group Limited*

Invesco MIM International Limited*

Invesco MIM plc*

Irish Life Assurance Company plc

Lifetime Assurance Company Limited

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited

London & Manchester (Management Services) Limited

Macartney & Dowie Investment Management plc

Manchester Unity Friendly Society

Manulife Group

Marks & Spencer Financial Services

Marlborough Fund Managers Limited

Medical Insurance Agency Limited

Mercury Asset Management Group*

Mercury Fund Managers Limited*

MIA Clinicare

Midland Bank

Mortgage Services Limited

National Westminster Bank plc

Norex Pensions Communications

Northern Rock Asset Management Limited

Perpetual Unit Trust Managers*

PPP Lifetime

Premium Life Assurance Company Limited

Providence Capitol Fund Managers Limited

Prudential Life & Pensions

RAC Insurance Services

Rock Asset Management Limited

J Rothschild Assurance plc*

Royal Bank of Canada*

Royal Insurance (Royal Life Services Limited)

Royal Liver Assurance Limited

Scottish Widows Fund & Life Association Society

Skandia Life Assurance Company Limited

Temple Bar Investment Trust plc*

TSB Group plc*

Waterman Partnership

Woolwich plc*

Yamaichi International (Europe) Limited*

food and confectionary

Agrexco - Carmel Fruit & Vegetables

Cadbury Schweppes* - Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Double Decker, Fruit & Nut, McVitie Cakes, Whole Nut

Carnation Milk – Evaporated Milk

Dutch Dairy Bureau - Dutch Cheese

Kraft Frozen Foods* - Brains Faggots, Sausage Rolls, Kraft Margarine

Quaker Limited - Sugar Puffs, Quaker Oates

Ridgeway's - Speciality Teas

C. Shippam Ltd* - Chunky Chicken, Country Pot, Pastes & Spreads, Sandwich Makers

Sutherlands & Co.- Sandwich Spreads

Tate & Lyle* - Golden Syrup, Pouring Syrups, Crunchy Toppings

Trebor Bassett - Confectionery

The Wrigley Company - Wrigley's Chewing Gum, Orbit Sugar Free Gum


Central Office of Information* - Department of Energy, Navy Recruitment


holiday, travel and transport

Affinity Marketing - Directors Choice

Alitalia - Business Travel

English Country Cottages

Greek Island Club

Holiday Malta

Travel Club of Upminster

Brittany Ferries - Business Travel

Meon Travel Group - Longshot Golf, Meon Villas, Silk Cut Travel

Olympic Holidays - Greek Hotels & Villas


household appliances

ASKO (Asea) - Dishwashers & Washing Machines

Binatone Hi-Fi - Music Centre

Eastern Electricity (LBM) - Storage Heaters

Greenwood Airvac - Extractor Fans

Philips - Small Appliances


household equipment

Aristocast Kitchens

B & R Electrical - Powerbreaker Range

Greenbrook Furniture - Elizabeth Anne & Wrighton Kitchens

Hoover Limited - Floor Care Products

Rochford Garden Machinery - Garden Wise

South Western Bell Telecom - Corporate

Phoenix 2000 – Conservatory Blinds, Garage Doors


household stores

Kitty Little - Natural Air Fresheners

Lever Brothers (Ireland) - Home Laundry Products



Best Direct Ltd. – PC Systems & Peripherals

Chaintech Ltd. – PC Motherboards

Dabs Direct Ltd. – PC Systems & Peripherals

Computer Trading Ltd., PC Systems & Peripherals

DTK Computer Ltd. – Bare Bones PC Systems

Evesham Technology Ltd.

Extreme Computer Systems – PC Systems & Peripherals

Fox Computer Systems – PC Systems & Peripherals

Memax Computers Ltd. – PC Systems & Peripherals

Netland UK Ltd.* – PC Network Systems

Wilding Professional Systems Direct – PC Systems

Zen Internet



Avis Fleet Services

Goodyear Tyres - Car & Truck Tyres

Heron Group - Suzuki Cars & Motorcycles

Mobile Oil* - Corporate

Neep London – BMW Dealerships

Nissan Datsun Cars - Range

Osbournes – Honda Dealerships

Serviceline Motor Insurance Ltd.

Tetrosyl - Triple Wax, Car Plan



Combe International* - Odour Eaters


Anderson McNair* - Market & Media Research

Harmsworth-Meredith - Metropolitan Home Magazine

MGN - Daily Mirror/Record, Sunday Mirror/Mail

Reader's Digest - Avertisement Sales Promotion



The British Nursing Association

Castlewyse Ltd.

Centerprise Ltd.

Charity People

Countrywide Assured Financial Services

Countrywide Assured Mortgage Services

Countrywide Assured Retirement Services

Countrywide Estate Agents

Country Cousins

Decleor (UK) Ltd.

Eagle Star International Life Services*

Evesham Technology Ltd.

Goldsborough Home Care.

Hansard International Ltd.*

Mann & Co.


Meon Travel Group

Mondial Financial Services*

Maxxiom Ltd.

Nestor Healthcare

Nestor Healthwatch

Nestor Primecare

Phoenix 2000

Primrose Care

Royal Bank Of Canada*

Royal British Nursing Association



retail and mail order

Chinacraft - Mail Order Products

CBS - Catalogue Bargain Shop (GUS)

Culver Square Shopping Centre

Evesham Technology Ltd.

Essex Carpet Centre

Hatfields Furnishings

Leybourne Brown Maclean - AA Retail

MEPC plc - Shopping Centre Promotion

Multiyork Limited - Furniture Showrooms

OBAS - Orthopaedic Beds

Sofa Works plc

West One Retailers Association - West One Shopping Centre



British American Tobacco Company* - Marlborough Lights

Gallaher Limited* - Kensitas


toiletries and cosmetics

Beecham Toiletries* - Cool Charm Deodorants

Decleor (UK) Ltd.- Body Care Products

Elida Gibbs* - Finesse Sanitary Towels, Pears - Cleansing Care, Foam Bath, Lasting Care, Shampoo, Transparent Toilet Soap, S.R. Toothpaste, Sure Antiperspirant

Plough (UK) Limited* - Maybeline Cosmetics

Lever Brothers/Elida Gibbs* - Astral Moisturising & Hand Creams, Close-Up Toothpaste

Wilkinson Match** - Razor Blades, Shaving Systems


* Signifies competitive media buying account, or a Media Audits reported advertiser.

* Signifies UK and International media buying


the queminet partnership - media and marketing services