the queminet partnership - media and marketing services geodemographic and lifestyle analysis


tqp were appointed to improve media efficiency and develop a sales and showroom expansion program. Analysis of Multiyork customer data provided insufficient information to plan effectively. Consequently a classification program was introduced, using Acorn Lifestyles to identify brand strengths and weaknesses.

We found Multiyork's customer base was skewed to the more affluent lifestyle groups, prompting re-evaluation of all showroom catchment areas and media use. Geo-demographic data analysis was used to identify existing showroom sales potential and new site locations. Additionally a showroom tracking system was introduced to monitor sales and media performance by postcode sector.


multiyork geodemographic map example - cambidge showroom sales  volume by postcode sectorThe research program was extended to include ad. awareness, attitude scores, store traffic and media sales performance.

During our association, Multiyork expanded their showrooms from 15 to 35 locations. Sales turnover increased from 10m to 23m.


the queminet partnership - media and marketing services