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evesham technology

tqp were asked to produce a media value critique of Evesham's schedule. Broad media experience  helped us bring an objective overview to this task. Our report identified significant savings, on two levels. Firstly from strategic adjustment, secondly from improved media buying. This analysis created enough financial impact for Evesham to appoint us to implement these savings.

dabs direct plc

Dabs Direct plc employed tqp to take a fresh look at their longstanding media schedule, with the objective of identifying areas for improvement - in this instance cost reduction. Dabs supplied full details of rates, positional guarantees, etc. for an extensive list of specialist PC magazines. Based on the information supplied tqp identified that savings in excess of 50,000 per year could be made from the current media strategy. If minor adjustments to this strategy were made it would result in further savings of 30,000 - collectively reducing Dabs annual advertising budgets by 80,000!


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