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evesham technology

Evesham Technology are a leading UK supplier of quality built to order PC's to the home and business markets. Founded by Richard Austin in 1983 as a direct sales organisation, they enjoyed competitive media rates in specialist and consumer media over many years.

tqp were asked to produce a media value critique of Evesham's schedule. Broad media experience  helped us bring an objective overview to this task. Our report identified significant savings, on two levels. Firstly from strategic adjustment, secondly from improved media buying. The analysis created enough impact for Evesham to appoint us to implement these proposals.

Over the first six months of our association we delivered savings of c.800k to the Evesham schedule.  During the subsequent six years this figure increased to 12.6m - and is still rising!

bank of ireland mortgages

As a relatively small player in the direct mortgage market, potentially with a negative PR backcloth, the Bank's advertising had to work exceedingly hard. tqp set about evaluating Bank media use and response data, to produce a predictive business model. Such was the accuracy of these data, we could predict returns for publication, space size and position. Additionally we were able to advise on Bank staffing levels, down to a day of week level. We also demonstrated that by revising staff task deployment, annual revenue increases of 20% were possible. This move alone had a major impact on sales targets.

Having identified where efficient business potential existed, our media response model evolved to deliver unprecedented levels of efficiency, and returns on media advertising investment. tqp negotiated huge discounts of c.55% against key positions. This produced cost per response levels of half that of the previous best-performing media! Moreover, tqp planning advice improved the cost of generating a Bank Of Ireland Mortgage enquiry to a level 75% lower than the all UK building society average!


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