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allied breweries

Concern at Allied Breweries about the targeting relevance of television beer advertising during peak viewing times, prompted a media consumption study amongst male heavy draught beer and lager drinkers.

tqp designed a multi-media study in the Midlands ITV area to report on quarter hour viewing to television, readership of national and regional press, and exposure to other major media.

The target group represented only 20% of beer/lager drinkers, but 65% of draught product sales! 'Heavy drinkers' did not follow the all male ITV/C4 viewing pattern - deviating markedly, during peak viewing periods.

This unique media consumption data was reported on a weekly basis allowing Allied to revise television buying strategy across the network. By concentrating airtime to high content breaks, Allied's budgets were working significantly harder - saving an estimated 1m per year.

harmsworth magazines

Metropolitan Home, an early lifestyle magazine, launched into a UK economy in recession. With no formal readership research tqp were employed to formulate an ad. sales marketing strategy. Our task was to convince a hard-nosed media buying market that Metropolitan Home delivered a free spending affluent readership - efficiently.

Our response was to simulate readership models, with IMS and Telmar, for use with NRS and TGI readership data allowing on-line analysis. Harmsworth's new entry could now be evaluated, in cost efficiency rankings and media schedules. Agencies and clients had simulated readership, moreover comparative data, where none existed! Whilst official industry readership data was many months away.

Additionally we produced a video tape of Metropolitan Home's salient editorial and readership characteristics. This quickly and effectively communicated the titles U.S.P.'s to ad. agencies and clients.

During a recession, tqp's strategy provided the Harmsworth's sales team with comparative readership data to successfully convince reluctant media buyers to include Metropolitan Home on schedules, which under normal circumstances would have been out of the question. back

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