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The tqp Media Response Model attempts to reduce the financial risk of direct response marketing. Based on probability factors, the model incorporates advertiser response and conversion data to predict future business returns. Its application has been successfully employed for newspapers, magazines, inserts, radio and television. Advertisers that have used this method of business projection to great effect include Bank Of Ireland Mortgages, Multiyork plc, Meon Travel Group, Woolwich plc, Hiscox Underwriters Ltd, Gardenwise Ltd and many more...




In some instances the model becomes an indispensable business planning tool. Bank of Ireland Mortgages for example enjoyed the normal benefits and was also able to predict returns for publication, space size and position.  Additionally we were able to advise the Bank on required staffing levels, down to day of week levels.  During this process we demonstrated that by revising staff task deployment, annual revenue increases of 20% were possible. This move alone had a major impact on attainment of sales target.back

the queminet partnership - media and marketing services