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Following a major overhaul of target market identification and media use, tqp proposed a sponsorship link with Classic FM, whose audience profile closely matched that of Multiyork's customer. 

Whilst extensive paid for advertsing was employed on the station, tqp also negotiated live Classic FM outside broadcasts for every new Multiyork showroom opening, resulting in 'heavy' on-air promotional trails for each location. We developed the sponsorship arrangement to include hosting Classic FM's 1st birthday party. All DJ's promoted the event on-air across the day, inviting listeners to join in the celebration at a Multiyork showroom. As well as live broadcasts from four major regional centres, each showroom hosted live classical music perfornances, accompanied by free champagne and of course, birthday cake!


This innovative and unique sponsorship association gave Classic FM regional accessability to its listeners and more importantly, Multiyork achieved a significant increase in store traffic, and as a consequence much higher sales turnover.


the queminet partnership media and marketing services